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Elastique is an award winning Digital Product House. For more than 10 years, we have been developing successful digital products for organisations that are seriously thinking about their digital future. Organisations that want to strengthen their position in the market permanently and make a big impact on their customers.

Elastique represents a new generation. We are not management consultants, we are not niche players and we are not a traditional IT company. Instead, we help organisations find the best customer-focused solutions for the new economy.

Every day, our 45 professionals transform the most diverse digital challenges into high-quality business and mission-critical solutions.


The global umbrella organisation FIFPRO represents the interests of more than 60,000 professional football players together with 60 contiguous national football unions. Until 2019, communication and cooperation with these unions was far from digital, and therefore took up a lot of time. FIFPRO launched a digital transformation in 2019, together with digital partner Elastique.

We developed a new member platform to make communication between FIFPRO and the unions more efficient. In addition, the website had to be optimized during this digital transformation. With this new website, FIFPRO can better highlight its primary goal: to promote the interests of football players both on and off the pitch, as well as after their professional careers. In order to provide users with a uniform user experience, we also developed a Digital Design System: a brand book 2.0 for digital outlets, in which the most important components for design and development are defined.

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Borderless rail travel within Europe: it is possible with a Eurail or Interrail Pass. With a single rail pass, travellers can train to their heart's content through 31 European countries. Eurail came to us with a clear wish: improve the travel experience of their customers with a digital platform, and offer eTicketing. Create connections that leave lasting impressions' was the objective.

To improve the travel experience, we together developed the new Rail Planner app in collaboration. Where the old app was mainly meant to show departure times, the new app focuses on inspiring and creating memories.

The app should unburden travellers before, during and after their journey. Therefore, all functionalities are also available offline. Through push notifications, travellers receive relevant service and marketing messages, such as updates to the app, discount offers and current travel information.

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