Hollandse Helden

Hollandse Helden | Albert Klein Haneveld

Overleek 29, 1141 PE Monnickendam | (31) 6 22 808 105

mail@hollandsehelden.nl | www.hollandsehelden.nl

Hollandse Helden is a documentary production company bases in the greater Amsterdam district. Helden is Dutch for heroes. A hero is someone who stands out because of his or her courage. Someone who acts in remarkable ways. A pioneer. A hero is someone who does something new, things other people don't do, even though they would like to. A hero is also the one who stands in the centre of attention, the main character in a story. The main character of the stories we put on the screen.

Hollandse Helden wants to capture life in its work; the cares and longings of this time. So we look with new eyes, listen with new ears and speak with new sounds. This we do in hope of inspiring other people. People like you.