Gijs Kerbosch, Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Gijs Determeijer, Guusje van Deuren, Ruby Deelen & Ingmar Conjarts

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100% (FKA HALAL) is an award-winning and cutting-edge production company based in Amsterdam, that is a playground for creatives working in the fields of film, photography and other forms of audiovisual media. The outfit is made up of an international roster of multi-disciplinary talent. 100% consists of commercial, photography, scripted and non-scripted departments. The work has premiered and toured globally at A-list festivals and been part of prestigious international competitions. Honoured with the Producers Award in Cannes by the YDA Jury, 100% is internationally recognised as one of the top creative content companies in Europe, working on global campaigns for brands like Nike, adidas, CASETiFY, Gentle Monster and many others.

Founded in 2005, 100% is owned and run by four partners Gijs Kerbosch, Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Gijs Determeijer en Sander Koolwijk.

100% scripted
The fiction department is headed up by Guusje van Deuren. The Scripted department has received appraisals globally from the likes of Sundance Film Festival, Berlinale, Tribeca Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival and BFI (to mention some). The Amsterdam-based production company entered the scene with the cult-hit series New Kids and co-produced New Kids Turbo and New Kids Nitro, which had over 2,000,000 admissions. Other national and international successful 100% scripted productions are series Joardy Season (2019, Special Mention Nipkov award) and feature film. Prince (Special Mention, Berlinale 2015). The 100% shorts The Walking Fish (2019), Emily (2018) and Un creux dans mon Coeur (2015) have been selected as Dutch Oscar entrees.

100% docs
Boasting with artistic value, 100%’s documentary work aims to deliver documentaries that surprise, inspire and inform. The work is generally recognised by challenging the norm, either in its approach or form. This quality has not gone unnoticed; the work has premiered and toured globally at A-list festivals and has been part of prestigious international competitions. Hallmark productions include Genderblend (2017), Independent Boy (2017), KEEPER (2019), King of the Cruise (2019) and Future Me (2024), many of which have caught the attention of globally recognized outfits. The documentary department is headed by Ruby Deelen.



Director: Anna Maria van 't Hek.
Status: Completed.
Release: 2021.
Sort: Documentary.
Duration: 76 minutes.

Yab Yum, Amsterdam’s most legendary brothel, was forced to close its doors more than ten years ago after the exclusive club turned into a dodgy criminal hub. The people who were once on the inside are now looking back on their eventful past with a nostalgic view, whilst surrendering to civil life on the outside. Vividly sharing their stories – both extravagant and painful – they take us back to those early buzzing years to let us experience this iconic place through their experiences. Away from the glitter and glam, for better or worse, Yab Yum and its glory days is more than just a fading memory.


Director: Marjolein Busstra.
Status: In production.
Release: November 2025.
Sort: Documentary.
Duration: 75 minutes.

In occupied Palestinian territory, where violence has become the norm, Manar runs a pacifist primary school. She aims to break the cycle of violence by teaching the new generations of Palestinians about non-violence resistance. As the pressure on her own family and the political situation increases, Manar questions at what costs she should remain true to her ideals in the face of insurmountable oppression. School of Hope is an universal narrative about the value of ideals and the sacrifices that come with them in times of extreme need.



Director: Emma Westenberg.
Screenwriter: Jaap-Peter Enderlé.
Country: NL.
Co-producer: tbd.
Status: In script development.
Release: 2023.
Sort: Feature-length film.
Duration: 90 min.
Genre: Forbidden love.
Distribution/Sales: tbd.

Angels is a forbidden boy meets boy love story, telling the tale of the ambitious and short-tempered police officer Danny and the talented criminal club kid Noah who, against all odds, fall madly in love with each other. Together, they secretly experience the love of their lives until their contrasting worlds inevitably begin to demand their loyalty. The two young men are being driven apart as their love appears to be nothing but a lie. Once Danny decides to prove that their love was, in fact, real, he not only manages to liberate Noah from the criminal circuit, but also sets himself free from his oppressive existence. Angels tells the story of two boys who free each other in order to be who they long to be. Jaap-Peter Enderlé is an Amsterdam based award-winning writer. Director Emma Westenberg is LA and Amsterdam based and known from productions with stars like Janelle Monáe, Troye Sivan and Kendall Jenner.



Director & Screenwriter: Thessa Meijer. 
Cast: tbd. 
Country: NL/tbd. 
Co-producer: tbd. 
Status: in script development. 
Release: 2023. 
Sort: feature-length film. 
Duration: 80 min. 
Genre: coming of age, drama. 
Distribution/Sales: tbd. 

When 11-year old Viccy has her first orgasm while masturbating, the previously inactive, nearby volcano erupts and covers the small town with black ash. Viccy gradually discovers her behaviour is connected to the volcano’s activity. Feeling terribly guilty and ashamed of what she has done, she blocks her desires. While tensed locals search for someone to blame, the volcano keeps rumbling dangerously. Will Viccy be able to save the town and herself?

Photography by Nick Meek