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Basalt Film is the Rotterdam-based production company of Eline van Wees. We produce socially relevant documentaries of high artistic quality for national and international cinema and television. International co-producing is an inspiring way for us to bring our documentaires to a higher level and a larger audience. Basalt Film was founded by Simone van den Broek in 2012.


Dear Destiny or the rise of our perfect selves

Director: Marc Schmidt. Country: NL/NO/BE. Co-producer: Fuglene (NO), Clin d’oeil films (BE), KRO-NCRV (NL). Status: In production. Release: 2022/2023. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 75/85 min.

To give stress, anxiety and other mental problems no chance, three different characters with the use of big data try to detect and combat abnormalities in their daily life as early as possible. Through long-term observations Marc Schmidt investigates the necessity and possibilities of prevention. Which behavior do we consider normal and which abnormal? What does a world look like in which our perfect self is the norm?



Farewell Paradise

Director: Sonja Wyss. Country: NL. Co-producer: EOdocs (NL). Status: Released. Release: 2019. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 93 min. Distribution/Sales: Periscoop Film.

Imagine being born in paradise. In a happy family with four girls in the Bahamas in the 60s. In the middle of the full, free prosperity of the American way of life. Then, all of a sudden, you, your mother and sisters end up in the cold, narrow-minded, regulated Switzerland. It happens so suddenly that you and your sisters are divided among foster families for lack of a house and money. Your parents are separated, it's the middle of winter. The departure from paradise could not have been more dramatic.

As a suspenseful detective, the life story of this family is gradually unraveled. Each of the sisters appears to have a very own version of the events, dealing with them very differently. Although they share the same genes and history, they still experience the relationship with their parents and with each other completely different. Sonja Wyss, known for her beautiful feature Winter Silence, tells the life story of her family in a seemingly simple but very ingenious way. So pure and so frank that you are completely fascinated, let yourself be carried away and embrace her family entirely.



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