Jasper Boon
MACA | Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 61 | 1033 RC Amsterdam
jasper@boondocs.nl | +31 202443655
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Jasper Boon produces expressive documentaries through [boondocs], the newest Dutch production company focusing on documentary and hybrid storytelling. He and a selection of young, diverse and ambitious directors find each other in making cinematic stories. [boondocs] stands for original, author driven documentaries by artists who are living their art. Jasper studied fine arts for two years before graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2017. From there he joined various international labs and recently started coproducing. Current titles include the theatrical release A man and a camera (2021, CPH DOX, IFFR) by Guido Hendrikx, NAYA (2021 Hot Docs, Vienna Shorts) by Sebastian Mulder and BABA (2020, Clermont Ferrand, IFFR) by Sarah Blok & Lisa Konno.


Director: Guido Hendrikx. Country: NL. Co-producer: Aventura. Status: Completed. Release: 2021. Duration: 60 min. Sales: Square Eyes.

An enigmatic entity roams the Dutch hinterlands, silently pointing a camera at all that it encounters. Soon it finds itself standing in front of a doorway. Met with an uninvited, inscrutable camera operator, how will the region’s inhabitants respond?



Director: Sebastian Mulder. Country: NL. Status: Completed: Release: 2021. Duration: 25 min.

In this 25 minute documentary director Sebastian Mulder follows the tracks of the wolf Naya, by the huge amount of data that is collected: camera-recordings, gps-coordinates, samples, news items and so on.

Sebastian Mulder (1994) has always been fascinated with the changing relationships between humans and nature and has a love for experimental en poetic documentaries. Raising questions about the future of our world is what Sebastian wants to achieve with his films. His previous film Nature: All Rights Reserved (2017) screened at various filmfestivals as Palm Springs, Interfilm and the Netherlands Film Festival.



Director: Sarah Blok & Lisa Konno. Country: NL. Status: Completed: Release: 2020. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 14 min. Distribution/Sales: Kapitein Kort. 

Captivating portrait of one of the first Turkish immigrants in the Dutch cultural sector, interviewed by his daughter amid a colourful fashion collection inspired by his life. About the complexity of migration, revolving around a migrant who never thought migrating was complicated.