Catch Your Moment

Marco Lubbers
Nieuwendammerdijk 530C | 1023 BX Amsterdam 629192373
Website Company

Catch Your Moment is an ambitious production company that embraces all aspects of digital media through creative storytelling.

Specializing in stunning visual imagery and compelling stories we aim to bring forward the moments dearest to the characters in our productions. Whether it is an athlete chasing olympic dreams, pushing the boundaries of science through agriculture, exploring the possibility of ice skating under majestic northern lights, or bringing virtual experiences to your living room. We pride ourselves in high end productions and tell the tales that matter to us most.


Our latest work is a documentary about world class gymnast Epke Zonderland's last chance to get to the Olympics. Director Marco Lubbers followed the three time world champion and 2012 olympic gold medal winner during one of the toughest years in his career, in which he had to overcome surgery.

Catch Your Moment wrote, directed and shot this documentary for Videoland, premiering online on July 24, 2020. It was co-produced by Helden Media and Concept Street.

Virtual Reality

We like to do things differently, exploring new areas and experimenting with new technologies and equipment. It motivated us to dive into virtual reality. VR offers a new environment both for us to tell a story and for the viewer to engage with it, especially since it is possible to make it interactive.

We are currently working on an interactive virtual reality documentary, transporting the viewer to an unfamiliar world, while providing the option to choose different storylines.



Two-wheeled world

Director: Marco Lubbers. Screenwriter: Erik van Lakerveld. Sort: VR documentary. Country: NL. Cast: TBD. Status: Research / Development.

A bold crossover of VR and documentary exploring a diverse range of societal issues while immersing the viewer into a world as common as it is alien, providing a multiverse of diverging, colliding and converging timelines. At the center of this mixture of history, present, future and alternative scenarios, rides the bicycle, a mode of transportation so common it is often overlooked, while in fact it might be a panacea of our world’s troubles.