Cerutti Film

Willemijn Cerutti
Zijlstraat 78-I 2011 TR Haarlem 
willemijn@ceruttifilm.nl | +31 650208648 
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Producer of independent creative documentary film and interactive stories, who aims to build alliances with diverse partners that support and complement the point of view of the filmmaker. This multi-faceted approach will magnify the impact a documentary has on society.


The Invisibles

Director & Screenwriter: Martijn Blekendaal. Country: NL/BE. Co-producer: Associate Director (BE). Status: financing. Release: October 2022. Sort: feature length youth documentary. Duration: 70 min. Genre: Family. Districution/Sales: In the Air.  

The Invisibles is a feature length documentary about children who have been forced by necessity to develop the ability to go through life unseen and unnoticed. The film tells the tale of a filmmaker who – helped by those children – decides to create an invisible superhero that can watch over them as a guardian angel.

Investigation Art Mysteries

Director & Screenwriter: Martijn Blekendaal. Country: NL/DE. Co-producer: IndiFilm (DE). Status: in development, financing. Release: 2022. Sort: documentary series. Duration: 6 x 15 - 25 min. Genre: family, detective. Distribution/Sales: In the Air (Benelux). 

Investigation: Art Mysteries is a thrilling six-episode detective series about enigmatic artists. A narrator takes the viewer on an exciting scavenger hunt through past and present, finding clues and hidden messages in art, photos and film. The goal is to unravel an unsolved mystery in modern art.