De Familie Film & TV

Monique Busman & Michiel van Erp
Schollenbrugstraat 4 | 1091 EX Amsterdam
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De Familie Film & TV is an award winning production company in the Netherlands, founded in 2005 by producer Monique Busman and director Michiel van Erp. Our Amsterdam based company produces documentaries, drama series and fiction for theatrical release and television. We are part of the EAVE network. Our documentaries cover a wide range of subjects such as the international motorcycle gang Satudarah, elderly transgenders, a portrait of the famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf or the European Commission. In 2014 we produced the Emmy Award and Prix Europe winning drama series RAMSES, in 2018 we released our first feature film Open Seas (script Philip Huff & Marnie Blok, director Michiel van Erp), The End of Fear (director Barbara Visser) and Keeping & Saving – or how to live (director Digna Sinke). Currently we are working on the drama series I.M. (director Michiel van Erp, script Hugo Heinen).



Director: Michiel van Erp. Screenwriter: Hugo Heinen. Cast: Wende Snijders & Ramsey Nasr. Producer: De Familie Film & TV. Coproducer: AVROTROS. Country: NL. Status: in production. Release: 2020. Sort: drama series. Duration: 4 x 50 min. Genre: adult drama.

The precocious, provincial, tough young writer Connie Palmen (36) falls madly in love for the first time. With the bruised but brilliant and funny, famous intellectual reporter Ischa Meijer (47) who completely surrenders to this love. Connie and Ischa develop a fierce, romantic, tenacious and public love affair. In which Connie tries to fathom Ischa’s inscrutable character. And then Ischa suddenly dies.

Photographer: Mark de Blok

The End of Fear

Director: Barbara Visser. Producer: De Familie Film & TV. Coproducer: VPRO. Country: NL. Status: released. Release: 2018. Sort: documentary. Duration: 70 min. Genre: documentary.From the moment the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam acquired the painting Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III by Barnette Newman, the artwork raised questions, triggered emotions and provoked emotional reactions. A brutal attack on the piece on the first day of spring in 1986 was followed by what later proved to be a rather unconventional restoration procedure. The End of Fear is a cinematographic essay on this crucial and controversial work of art. What is the possible value of art: what makes something a work of art; who decides this; what does it mean; what is the value of art in economic, artistic, and social terms?