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Annemiek van Gorp & René Goossens
Ite Boeremastraat 1 V103 | 1054 PP Amsterdam | +31 651513744 | +31 6514535162
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Annemiek van Gorp and René Goossens have been working together at De Productie since September 1998. De Productie produces art house drama and documentaries with a strong social involvement and an artistic challenge. De Productie does not only intend to be a meeting place for local and national talent, but also a reliable partner in international co-productions. Our films are often a mix of fiction, documentary and art. We are especially looking for universal stories straight from the heart, as varied and colorful as the creators of these stories are.



Based upon an idea by: director Reber Dosky. Screenwriters: Emily Reekers & Reber Dosky. Country: NL/TR. Status: in development. Release: 2023. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: drama. 

When Sara, a prostitue from the city of Mardin, secretly takes care of a wounded Kurdish warrior, an impossible love unfolds between them. Impossible because both themselves as well as their strife and hate colored environment, have actually lost sight of love. 


Director & Screenwriter: Miriam Kruishoop. Country: NL/BE/FR. Status: in development. Release: 2023. Sort: feature-leght film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: drama. 

A criminal who has just been released from a long prison sentence, decides to help a Syrian refugee in the hope to redeem himself and his troubled past.

Photo Neil Moralee