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Amsterdam-based DOXY FIXY strives to be a leading film production company: DOXY adds its long documentary experience to FIXY, grounded fiction, rooted in reality. FIXY in turn inspires DOXY. And, out of love, we have broadened our playing field with sports, with titles like Crystal Film-winner Louis and Becoming Zlatan. Together with directors, screenwriters and many others, we want to connect, inspire, inform and entertain. With a deep awareness of working together towards a result, being part of something bigger than yourself. And we like to push boundaries; we feel at home where styles, people and genres mix. That’s where magic happens. That’s what we call the X in film.



Director: Bobbie Koek. Screenwriter: Bobbie Koek, with contributions from Ashgan El-Hamus. Cast: Zeb Claessen, Ellen ten Damme. Country: NL/BE. Co-producer: A Private View (BE). Status: production. Release: 2024. Sort: feature. Duration: 100 min. Genre: drama. Distribution Benelux: September Film.

Noah (16) became a father far too young with a girl he was with. Due to the enormous responsibility that fell upon him, he left the young mother to her fate. But when she leaves their son at Noah's door and runs off herself, the responsibility returns like a boomerang. Due to his resistance, his fear for being a father and a variety of conflicts as a result, Noah chooses to bring his son back. Finding his ex turns out to take much longer than Noah expected. This brings him at places he never imagined, turning the quest into a journey to himself and fatherhood.

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The Inconvenience of Being Right

Director: Joris Postema. Screenwriter: Joris Postema. Country: NL/BE/GER. Co-producer: Menuetto (BE), KRO-NCRV (NL). Status: in production. Sort: documentary. Duration: 90min. & 55 min. Distribution/Sales: September Film, First Hand Films.

Filmmaker Joris Postema believes that climate change exists, that it is man- made and that, to keep the world livable, we must radically change. Why has this not been possible for decades, especially since it is so obviously necessary? Through portraits of three leading climate activists, the filmmaker explores why nothing is changing despite decades of of protests, conferences, warnings and activism. Is the answer hiding within ourselves? As human beings, we are terrified of change. His reflections in the film make us look at the main characters in a different way. They are no longer fighting against water cannons or a police cordon, they are fighting against human nature, our fear of change and loss. If we understand that we’re a part of the problem, can we be a part of the solution?