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Floor Onrust, Noortje Wilschut & Chris Stenger
Entrepotdok 77 A | 1018 AD Amsterdam | +31 207071713
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Family Affair Films is an Amsterdam based film production company specialized in contemporary fiction of high artistic quality with strong author driven vision. Recent credits include Steve McQueen’s documentary OCCUPIED CITY (2023), which premiered in the official selection of Cannes, THREE MINUTES - A LENGTHENING (2021), a documentary by Bianca Stigter, which premiered in Venice in 2021, WHEN WE LOST FROM THE GERMANS (Giffoni 2024), Guido van Driel's third feature film, and SUMMER BROTHER (Giffoni 2024), Joren Molter's debut film, which was also shown as the closing film of the Netherlands Film Festival.



Director: Steve McQueen. Text: Bianca Stigter. Narrated by: Carice van Houten. Country: NL. Status: Completed. Release: 2023. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 268 min. Genre: Historical documentary. Distribution: September Film.

"Living in Amsterdam for me is like living with ghosts. It feels there are always two or three parallel narratives unfolding at once. The past is always present."


Director: Sandra Beerends. Narrated by: Daniella Kertesz. Country: NL. Status: Post-production. Release: 2024. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 85 min. Genre: Archival documentary. Distribution: Cinema Delicatessen. Sales: Autlook

Neshoma brings prewar Jewish Amsterdam to life. Through archival material the film depicts the fictional story of Rusha, her family and friends. The documentary, at the intersection of fiction and history, is inspired by the Jewish community’s testimonies about their lives before World War II.


Director: Laura Hermanides. Screenwriters: Laura Hermanides & Roelof Jan Minneboo. Cast: Renée Soutendijk, Raymond Thiry, Sanne den Hartogh. Country: NL. Status: Post-production. Release: 2024. Sort: Feature. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Drama. Distribution: Gusto Entertainment.

White Flash is the story of Aagje, Toon and their son Rick (42). Rick suffers from psychotic episodes, depression and severe headaches. We follow their journey in the last six weeks leading up to the death of Rick. A journey proving that letting someone so close to us go, is the most extreme expression of love.