Graniet Film

Marc van Warmerdam (L) & Marten van Warmerdam (R)
Archangelkade 15C | 1013 BE Amsterdam | Company Website

The independent film company Graniet Film was founded in 1995 by producer Marc van Warmerdam and director Alex van Warmerdam. It resulted in nationally and internationally acclaimed films, including The Dress (1986), Borgman (2013 - official selection Palme D'or Cannes) and No. 10 (2021 – selection Tallinn Black Nights).

Graniet Film co-produced, among others, the Sergei Loznitsa film Donbass (2018 - winner Un Certain Regard Cannes) and Angel (2018 – selection TIFF) by Koen Mortier. With the arrival of producer Marten van Warmerdam, Graniet Film's program will include new filmmakers in addition to Alex van Warmerdam in the coming years




Directing & screenwriting: Teddy Cherim

In an ultimate attempt to be seen 64-year-old Karina causes a massive crash during a stage of the Tour de France.



Directing: Nicole van Kilsdonk & Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld

Writing: Mieke de Jong

In 1950s Amsterdam, a black Surinamese musician struggles with his father over what the best way is to adapt, as they try to cope in a society that sees them (only) as exotic entertainers.


Directing & screenwriting: Teddy Cherim

While transporting a shipful of white desert sand from Le Havre to a city beach in Rotterdam inland boatman Jan discovers an East-African refugee camp in the hold of his family ship, De Maalstroom. These unexpected passengers force Jan to face the present world that has been passing him by for years.


Directing & screenwriting: Alex van Warmerdam

The 11th feature film by Alex van Warmerdam