Job, Joris & Marieke

Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins & Marieke Blaauw
Hooghiemstraplein 15 | 3514 AX Utrecht |  +31 307854990
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Job, Joris & Marieke is a Dutch animation studio from Utrecht. The studio was founded in 2007 by Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins and Marieke Blaauw.

They work on short films and series. In 2015 their short film A Single Life was nominated for an Academy Award® in the category best animated short. Their short film (Otto) was nominated for a Rockie Award in 2017. And in 2018 their short film Kop Op (Heads Together) was nominated for the Prix de Jeunesse, a Rockie Award and won an International Emmy Kids Award.

Swop / Dutch title: Kop Op

Directors: Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw. Writers: Lotte Tabbers & Luuk van Bemmelen. Producer: Viking Film. Coproducer: VPRO and Job, Joris & Marieke. Status: completed in January 2022. Sort: Tv series. Duration: 12 x 10 min. Genre: comedy adventure. Animation technique: 3D animation. Target group: 8- to 12-year-olds, family. Original language: Dutch.

Swop tells the story of three friends: Sef, Wesley and Marjory. One day, they discover an abandoned washing machine that seems to possess mysterious powers; it lets you swop your own head with someone else’s. This presents the three friends with a range of possibilities – for every problem they face, they can think up a solution by exchanging heads. It goes without saying that this is not the right approach to take because it often leads to confusing and comical situations. But once they’ve swopped heads, they are literally able to see the world through different eyes. As a result, they go through a transformation that enables them to ultimately resolve or accept their own problems.

A Double Life

Directors, Screenwriters, Animation & Producers: Job, Joris & Marieke. Country: NL. Status: completed in 2018. Sort: short animated film. Duration: 2.43 min. Genre: dark comedy. Distribution: Klik! Distribution service. Sales: SND Films.  

A deliciously dark comedy about a husband and wife whose different ideas of gender conformity lead to an unexpected confrontation.