Ka-Ching Cartoons

Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk
Kleiweg 95B | 3051 GK Rotterdam
+31 645098574 | +31 614683894 
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Ka-Ching Cartoons Animation Studio' is a mainly 2d animation studio in Rotterdam, ran by Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk. Joost and Erik usually serve as directors, creators and production supervisors of their studio. They have been working together since art academy, and after that they have worked for one year in in Ireland at the 'Cartoon Saloon' before they returned to the Netherlands to start their own company in 2007. 

Ka-ching Cartoons is specialized in films and series, they successfully made series for Dutch television and themeparc 'the Efteling', created their own international series 'the 3D-Machine' for Nintendo and created 'George and Paul' a stop-motion TV-series that is being broadcasted internationally right now. 

Gradually the studio moved from short films towards longer formats, and recently worked on several feature length projects as service studio, or as complete creative studio including direction. Joost and Erik are having credits on 5 animated features, ran production with Ka-ching Cartoons on 3 of them and have been directors of 2 animated features.


The GROWcodile

Director: Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk.
Screenwriter: Luuk van Bemmelen, based on the book ‘weg met die Krokodil!’ by Paul van Loon. 
Cast: tbd. Country: NL/FR/LUX. 
Co-producer: Fantabulous (Fr), Fabrique d’Images (Lux), Cool Beans (NL). 
Status: financing, pre-production. Release: 2024. 
Sort: feature length animation. Duration: 80 min. Genre: family-adventure, comedy. 
Distribution/Sales: KMBO, Film Constellation

It worked! By using her willpower, Bridget has hatched a little baby crocodile from the egg. Definitely a cooler pet than that stupid goldfish she got for her birthday. But a little crocodile grows bigger and bigger. What to do when your parents don't like pets? And what to do when your father has a shoe store and loves crocodile leather? Thankfully there's grandmother...

Variety article

Dikkie Dik - en de verdwenen Knuffel / Tummy Tom - and the lost teddybear 

Director: Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk. Screenwriter: Burny Bos, based on the bookseries by Jet Boeke. 
Cast: Burny Bos. Production design: Leo de Wijs. Character design: Digna van der Put. 
(Co-)producer: Phanta Animation (NL), Bosbros (NL), Eyeworks (BE). Production Studios: Ka-Ching Cartoons (NL), Animal Tank (BE).
Status: in production. Release: 2024. 
Sort: feature length animation Duration: 60 min. Genre: preschool, roadmovie, comedy.
Distribution/Sales: In the Air.

An animated story for children from 3-6 years old, in which the young red tomcat discovers various things about the world around him and, most importantly, learns about the meaning of friendship.

Tummy Tom’s favourite toy is Bear. One evening, when Tummy Tom is sleeping, Bear goes missing. Tummy Tom and his best friend Cat Mouse start looking in and around the house. But in order to find Bear, they decide to leave their garden and discover a new world with new friends. Together, they manage to find Bear.