Derk-Jan Warrink & Koji Nelissen
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Keplerfilm was founded in 2016 and works with great ambition as a producer on high-quality international feature films, TV productions and short films, such as Dutch Oscar entry BULADÓ (Eché Janga), box-office hit HOTEL SINESTRA (Michiel ten Horn), Prix Jeunesse and Rose d'Or-winning TV production HOOFDZAKEN (Menno Otten) and Semaine de la Critique Grand Prize winner FEATHERS (Omar El Zohairy). Keplerfilm is run by producers Derk-Jan Warrink and Koji Nelissen – both members of ACE, EFA and alumni of EAVE – with Derk-Jan having a focus on the creative side and Koji on the business side. In 2022, Keplerfilm was selected as one of the leading European producers in Screen International's THE EURO 75.

Keplerfilm strongly values building a solid and creative foundation on which exceptional writers and directors can grow into their full potential; inspiring them to find their personal signatures and to dream big. With that intention, Keplerfilm organizes amongst others the writers' retreat Kepler Residency, and the script development competition Tipping Point in which three filmmakers can develop a film idea on climate issues with a grant of 20,000 euros. Keplerfilm focuses on original stories about real people, with inescapable struggles and desires. Thereby aiming to make heartfelt films – upbeat or sad and always with a heart – of high-quality and for a wide audience.



Cast: TBA. Director: Daphne Lucker. Screenwriter: Rosita Wolkers. Country: Netherlands. Status: pre-production. Release: 2024. Sort: feature. Duration: 100 min. Genre: coming-of-age drama. Distribution: Vedette.

Placed into a crisis shelter for girls, Olivia wants nothing else than to return to Selma: her mum and best friend. Amongst the Gorillas - as the girls ironically call themselves - Olivia is confronted with a hierarchy in which loyalty, a loud mouth and fierce dance moves earn most respect. Here, away from home, she tries to loosen her mum’s grip and gets to discover a bit more who she wants to be.

For Our Girls

Director: Mike van Diem. Screenwriter: Mike van Diem. Cast: TBA. Country: Netherlands, Austria. Co-producer: Nuts & Bolts (NL), Schubert Film (AT). Status: financing. Release: estimated 2025. Sort: feature. Duration: 110 min. Genre: drama. Distribution/Sales: Dutch FilmWorks (Benelux), Studio Canal (international).

For years, two couples have enjoyed a holiday home in the Alps, basking in their friendship. But when their 14-year-old daughters suer a devastating accident, the couples’ bonds are put to the ultimate test. Can their relationships withstand the strain and come out intact?