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Established in 1995, Lemming Film has a proven track record of delivering an eclectic slate of quality films and drama series. Lemming Film produces projects that reflect an open-minded vision on contemporary society. The productions are regularly financed from several international sources and are widely shown at prestigious international festivals. As one of the leading companies in The Netherlands for international productions, Lemming Film has (co-)produced a total of 50 national and international feature films and 18 drama series.

Our most recent feature films include Berlin Alexanderplatz (Burhan Qurbani), Monos (Alejandro Landes), Zama (Lucretia Martel), The Lobster (Yorgos Lanthimos), Full Contact (David Verbeek), and My Giraffe (Barbara Bredero). All received international acclaim at the most influential festivals such as Cannes, Toronto, Venice and Berlin. Recent drama-series include Fenix (Shariff Korver) and Holland's Hope (Dana Nechusthan). Our most recent production is the drama series Heirs of the Night (Diederik van Rooijen) – a co-production between Germany, The Netherlands and Norway – for which Lemming film is the delegate producer.


Sweet Dreams

Director: Ena Sendijarević. Screenwriter: Ena Sendijarević. Cast: t.b.c. Countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, t.b.d. Co-producer: A Private View (Belgium). Status: financing stage. Release: 2021. Sort: feature. Duration: 100 min. Genre: drama. Distribution/Sales: t.b.c.

1900. A secluded island full of flora and fauna. Amidst another sugar crisis - Jan, patriarch and head of a sugar factory, dies. Leaving his two women to their own devices: Agathe, his wife, and housemaid Siti, the mother to his bastard son. A family reunion follows. When the boy turns out to be the only heir, it's every man, woman, child, plant and animal for themselves.


Director: Simone van Dusseldorp. Screenwriter: Simone van Dusseldorp. Cast: t.b.c. Countries: The Netherlands, Belgium. Co-producer: t.b.c. Status: in development & financing. Release: 2022. Sort: feature. Duration: 80 min. Genre: family film. Distribution/Sales: T.b.c.

The film centers on the adventures of Scrumple and her dog Splotch on the wedding day of their friend and neighbour Tine (23). When Tine overwhelmed with stress, forgets to pick up the wedding rings, bridesmaid Scrumple and Splotch must hurry to go and get them. This task however turns out to be far more complicated than expected and amidst a day full of comical adventures, Scrumple and Splotch have the hardest time keeping themselves neat and tidy - let alone arrive back in time with the rings!