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Millstreet Films is an ambitious film and drama producer with an eye for quality and a focus on the target groups of its productions. Millstreet Films develops and produces high quality films and drama series from a contemporary female perspective for a broad audience, with a strong female lead or female film makers. Our productions captivate audiences in national and international markets.

Millstreet Films, founded by producer Rachel van Bommel, reaches a broad audience by integrating production, distribution and marketing in an early stage.

Striving for quality, professionalism and independence, we nurture long-term relationships with filmmakers, crew, cast, co-producers and financing partners.

This gives Millstreet an unique position in the Dutch and the international market.



Director: Saskia Diesing, Joosje Duk. Screenwriter: Marnie Blok, Ilse Ott, Judith Goudsmit, Diede Zillinger, Sytske Kok. Status: in pre-production. Sort: series. Duration: 6 x 50 minutes. Genre: drama. Distribution/Sales: Millstreet Films.

The fascinating life story of the Dutch Queen Máxima. From the moment Máxima Zorreguieta appears at the side of the Dutch crown prince, she has been in the spotlight. When Willem-Alexander asks her to marry him, the past catches up with her as a heated discussion erupts about her father's political career in the Videla regime. A discussion that she never had in her own circles. What makes this Argentine finally thrive at an old European court? And how can Máxima stay true to herself without giving up her family, or do these things not go together? Máxima's story is told in six 50-minute episodes that kick off with a present- day line, which begins in 1999 in Seville when Máxima and Willem- Alexander meet for the first time. In the past storyline we see how Máxima was actually prepared for this step her whole life. When the press gets wind of her relationship with the crown prince, the pair find themselves on a rollercoaster, that only slows down with the announcement of their engagement in 2001.


Director: Anna van der Heide. Screenwriter: Martijn Hillenius, Luuk van Bemmelen. Status: in development. Sort: series. Duration: 6 x 50 minutes. Genre: drama/comedy. Distribution/Sales: Millstreet Films.

The Craig Clinic is a luxurious private rehab facility in the middle of the woods. Lead psychiatrist Berend Luzen just got notice, he will be monitored closely by the inspection service due to a complaint of an ex-patient. If the outcome of the investigation is, that he’s crossing lines with patients, his license will be revoked and he will be fired by the board, who are fed up with his behavior. After a night of kinky sex with a pretty woman he meets in a bar, he almost arrives late for the arrival of an important new client. Berend sees the woman he slept with the night before, entering the clinic with her parents. She turns out to be only seventeen years old.

While he discreetly tries to refuse to treat her, she sees the opportunity to blackmail him and make her stay more comfortable. Berend is left with no choice but to accept her as his patient and at the same time keep their one night stand a secret for everyone in the facility, including the other patients, the board and of course the inspection service.