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We are an award winning studio that explores and expands the boundaries of play and interaction. Our projects connect the human body, physical space and the virtual world. By creating new forms of meaningful play, our work fills the space between art, science and education.

Monobanda Showreel

Visible Voice

Director: Simon van der Linden. Country: NL. Status: in development. Release: 4th quarter 2020. Sort: Interactive: Distribution/Sales: Seeking partners for commercialisation & distribution in heathcaare sector.

With Visible Voice Monobanda wants to offer a safe and inviting environment for children and youth dealing with intelligible behaviour, to better cope with feelings of aggression and anxiety.

This is achieved by translating emotions, expressed vocally and physically, to visual images, using a multi-medial installation. We work in co-creation with these youths, teachers and group supervisors and several designers and programmers.

The final goal of this project is to offer users a tool by which they reflect on and manage their emotions in a playful way. The current prototype exists of various ‘acts’ which all address a unique facet of emotion management. 

YouTube Visible Voice 

Project Visible Voice


Director: Niki Smit & Owen Harris. Country: 
NL/IE/CA/UK. Co-producer: Exploredeep & Monobanda. Status: in development. Release: summer 2020. Sort Meditative VR game. Duration: minimum 20 min. Distribution/Sales: Looking for funding for Phase 2. Looking for publishers. 

Arts meets science 
Deep allows players to navigate through a serene and poetic underwater world. Movement is controlled by slow, deep breathing which soothes and relieves anxiety in the player. It uses a self-explorative, visually stunning underwater seascape and biofeedback mechanics. Together with researchers at the Radboud University, we carefully design and research the experience as a tool for teaching people valuable emotion regulation techniques in a safe and supporting environment.

Made for mental wellbeing
Over the last 4 years, our research partners at Radboud University & the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab have demonstrated the efficacy of DEEP as an intervention for people with anxiety.

Now, armed with clinical data, our aim is to bring this game to the masses. We are currently expanding the succesful prototype into a stunning and expansive experience which can be accessible on both Steam and Oculus Stores, including Quest.

YouTube Deep

Project Deep