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Moondocs develops and produces documentaries, auteur films, commissioned films, art films, TV-series and transmedia projects. Socially engaged and quality-oriented, the makers cover a wide range of socially relevant and cultural subjects. The productions are made for regional and national broadcasters; local and central government; non-profit organizations, arts and cultural funds; as well as companies. Moondocs has built up an impressive track record, including many productions that have received national and international awards.

Out of Breath, the many struggles of Maite Hontelé

Director & Screenwriter: Marlou van den Berge. Cast: Maite Hontelé, Juancho Valencia, Sofia Carvalho, Adinda Meertins, Luz Adriana Ramos, Carolina Vieira. Country: CO, NL. Co-producer: NTR. Status: released. Release: 2019. Sort: documentary. Duration: 60 min. 

As a child, the Dutch trumpet player Maite Hontelé wanted nothing more than to play salsa. Salsa is in her blood. She has pursued her ambition and is a celebrated musician in Colombia with her salsa music. She has also become a role model for Latin American women who see Maite as an example of a strong independent woman in a male-dominated world. The crowning glory of her work is her latest album Cuba Linda. But while she is making the album of her life, she gets into a struggle with the life she leads.

Living the Light - Robby Müller

Director & Screenwriter: Claire Pijman. Cast: Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Lars von Trier, Steve McQueen, Rüdiger Vogler, Frieder Hochheim, Agnès Godard, Jay Rabinowitz, Pim Tjurjerman, Theo Bierkens, Anneclaar Bijleveld, Christopher Porter. Country: NL, US, DE. Co-producer: Chromosom Film (DE), stuchting Docu Shot. Status: released. Release: 2018. Sort: documentary. Duration: 86 min. Distribution/ Sales: Wide House.

With his ground-breaking camerawork, exceptional sense for depth of colour, innovative lighting methods, and his on-going quest for simplicity DoP Robby Müller has inspired generations. For her extraordinary film essay director and DoP Claire Pijman had access to Müller's personal archive: thousands of Hi8 videos, personal pictures, set photo's and Polaroids that he shot throughout his career. The film intertwines these images with excerpts of his oeuvre, creating a fluid and cinematic continuum