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Moving Dreams is an Amsterdam based company (co)producing feature films, television drama and documentaries. For the Dutch and for an international public. We work with talented and creative young and experienced makers. Our goal, driven by our passion for telling stories, is making films that matter. High quality productions who stand out.

With a longtime experience in producing in Italy we also offer our expertise and production services in that beautiful cinematographic country.


La Superba
Screenwriter: Andrea Piva. Country: NL/IT. Co-producers: FATT Production (NL), MIR Cinematografica (IT). Status: in development. Sort: feature-length film. Genre: drama.

Tempting, but inaccessible, the North Italian harbor Genua is the omnipresent protagonist of this story, in which the universal hope for a better life is held. Different storylines of different characters are intertwined, like a city is a collection of isolated stories of randomly related people. What connects them is their struggle and downfall.

This tale about identity and migration in Genua tells the story of Europe today. Based on the book La Superba written by Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer.

Biopic about the life of Anton de Kom
Screenwriter: Jenny Mijnhijmer. Country: NL. Status: in development. Sort: feature-length film. Genre: drama.

Anton de Kom (1898-1945) is without a doubt one of the most meaningful people that Suriname has ever known.

His greatest success was the book We Slaves of Suriname. The writer, nationalist and pioneer of anti-colonial historiography eventually gave his life for the colonial ruler of the Netherlands as a resistance fighter during the Second World War. But his great love, which inspired him all his life, was for his native Suriname.


When my rage becomes crime

Director & screenwriter: Renee van Zadelhoff.  Country: NL. Status: in development. Distribution: Cinemien. 

The film When my anger becomes a crime, is inspired by the story of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra from the Greek Tragedy 'Oresteia', based in Amsterdam in 2015. The celebrated actress Nour and her wife Simone, a successful trauma surgeon, live together with their daughter Isra house on the canals. A life in which nothing is missing until their daughter dies under suspicious circumstances. The court found Nour guilty and sentenced her to prison.

After her release, Nour visits Simone. Nour does everything he can to win back Simone. After all these years, she still thinks she knows how to play Simone. This leads to a dramatic denouement in which Nour loses out. Simone's and Vic's life won't be the same after this.


Heroes of the Caribbean

An insight to the work of the Ministery of Defense in CuraƧao, and local and international cooperation, in the context of the safety and well-being of the residents.