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We aim to stimulate, inspire and challenge our directors and writers. We work on a select number of projects in order to produce daring and accessible quality films for an international audience. We strive for transparency and integrity, and we believe that it takes time to grow and develop layer by layer, in order to end up with a solid company and films to match. We are a member of both EAVE and ACE.


When Fucking Spring is in the Air
Director: Danyael Sugawara. Screenwriter: Heleen Suer, Danyael Sugawara. Cast: Joanna Jarmolowicz, Julia Kijowska. Co-producers: Manana Films (PL), Heimathafen Films (DE), Fox the Fox Productions (BE). Status: financing. Release: 2019. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 95 min. Genre: punky road movie. Financers: Creative Europe, Dutch Filmfund, EO Television, CoBO Fund, Production Incentive, September Films. Sales: Pluto Film.

A punky feel-good roadmovie about the 17-year-old, rebellious Kasia and her worthless family. When her grandma dies, and Kasia hits rock bottom, it’s about time to seek redress through her emigrated parents and their money. She goes on the inevitable ‘coming of age’ trip on which she finds out her family is not at all like she expected.