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Bas Bakker & Jelmar Hoekstra

Bloemgracht 126 H | 1015TP Amsterdam | +31 20 2101587
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Playback Images is the Amsterdam-based production company of high-end documentaries and series for cinema, TV, streamers and online. Whether it is a documentary or a collaboration with museums or brands, Playback images is an all-round creative production company with in-house full service post-production facilities with a journalistic background. We develop formats, take care of production, shoot and finish in post till delivery. From historically driven projects to recent stories and creative content development. Our rich experience in research and dealing with various archives is the USP within our services and talent.


Remco vs. Pharma

Director: Jelmar Hoekstra. Producer: Bas Bakker. Country: NL/Mexico/Sweden. Status: Released. Release: 2022. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 44 min. Genre: drama, Human Interest. Streamer: Videoland.

Multiple Sclerose patient Remco van Wijk goes in to battle with the Big Pharma by cooking his 16.000 euro medicines himself in a bunker in Den Haag. Also, he is convinced the best treatment is stem cell therapy that is not available for MS patients in the Netherlands. For the risk full therapy he travels to Mexico in the middle of Covid lockdowns.


Onze Jongens in de Jungle

Director: Jelmar Hoekstra. Producer: Bas Bakker. Country: NL/Suriname. Status: Release. Release: 2020. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 44 min. Genre: drama, Human Interest. Broadcast: Omroep MAX – NPO 2. Streamer: NPO Start. Cinema: Distribution in 22+ cinema’s.

Onze Jongens in de Jungle tells the story about the TRIS-soldiers. There were about 20.000 young boys who went to Suriname for their military service between 1945 and 1975. Often they bought an 8mm camera up front to capture their adventures. However, not many people know about the stories of these soldiers in our former colony.