Koert Davidse, Marc Thelosen
Office: Gouvernestraat 129-133 | 3014 PM Rotterdam
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seriousFilm is a Rotterdam based foundation for audiovisual production since 2004. The seriousFilm outfit is run by Koert Davidse (producer | director) and Marc Thelosen (creative producer). Documentary (co-)production is our main activity, but we also produce feature films, experimental shorts, documentaries, websites, animations, and installations. Co-productions are necessary to create a firm production and financial fundament, and allow for creative exchange between international professionals.


Script & director Tim Leyendekker. Genre: Fiction. Duration: 83 min. Release: January 2022

Premiere during the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2021 | world premiere | in Tiger Award competition | winner of the Prix Loridan-Ivens at Cinéma du Réel

Based on the infamous Groningen HIV case, in which three men drugged other men and infected them with their own HIV-infected blood, Feast is a bold and provocative film that skillfully reflects the questions of life, death and morality that have emerged from one of the most disquieting stories in contemporary Dutch life.

Unfolding over seven individual vignettes, each directed by Tim Leyendekker but shot in collaboration with a diverse range of cinematographers, Feast blends reportage and surrealism, disbelief, and empathy to unpack the repercussions and reverberations of a singularly shocking series of events.



Script & director Joke Olthaar. Genre: Documentary. Duration: 79 min. Release: November 2021

Premiere during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021 | winner of Forum of the directors at the Netherlands Film Festival

BERG is a visual experience of a vast mountain landscape and the insignificance of man in it. A trip of concentrated black and white images with a minimalistic soundtrack forms a primal memory of a universal mythical mountain.

The film opens with a series of stones, rocks, and peaks, sometimes wide, sometimes in close up. Shadows moving over the surfaces. Your eyes follow the lines, the holes that have eroded over the years. You lose your sense of scale. Suddenly emerging small black human figures give away the real proportions.

The weather conditions are getting worse. Rising and hanging fog. Thunderstorm and falling rain. Huge clouds overwhelm the peaks. A roaring helicopter as a sign of danger.

Dated film footage of a rescue team during salvages after fatal accidents, suddenly interrupts the majestic flow of the silent landscape. Despite their gruesome content, these moments have a strangely enchanting beauty, igniting a deep respect for everything around us.