Spotted Bird

Peter Lindhout
Crooswijksesingel 29 B | 3034CJ Rotterdam
+31 629362008 | 
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Spotted Bird is a Rotterdam based animation production company founded in 2021 by Peter Lindhout, who has more that 20 years of experience in animated film. Spotted Bird stands for recognizing and stimulating new and established animation talent. At Spotted Bird we aim to challenge, inspire and support filmmakers to produce animated stories with a convincing artistic vision that touch people in their heart.



Director & screenwriter: Floor Adams. Country: NL. Co-producer: Curious Wolf (NL). Status: in development. Release: 2023. Sort: animated short. Duration: 15 min. Genre: Comic drama.

Swan mother Jill lives with her husband Duke in an apartment building amid other animals. When she discovers the true cause of her failed first nest, her rigid ideas about parenthood are cast in a different light.


Director: Alice Saey. Screenwriter: Léa Perret. Country: FR/NL. Co-producer: Miyu Productions (FR), Keplerfilm (NL). Status: in production. Release: 2022. Sort: animated short. Duration: 10 min. Genre: apocalyptic comedy. Distribution/sales: Miyu Distribution.

Pushed to their limit, the Manta Rays rise up against Man to take control of the Earth; it is the dawning of a new Manta Ray era and the “flattening” of Mankind.