Studio Job, Joris & Marieke


Hooghiemstraplein 158

3514 AZ Utrecht, The Netherlands

+31307854990 /

Job, Joris & Marieke, that’s the name of our animation studio. It’s just our three names. It’s probably the most uncreative studio name ever. We admit it, we’ve put no effort at all in coming up with a better name. Pretty lame for such a creative studio. Doesn’t really speak for us, does it? We’ve made the wise decision to put all our creative energy in our work. And have you seen our work? Imagine how amazing our studio name could have been…

We have a weird history considering we’re an animation studio. The three of us didn’t study animation but we graduated as product designers at the Design Academy Eindhoven. During our study we discovered we had a passion for telling stories. But designing products + telling stories= very difficult. And so animation turned out to be the best medium for us, it’s the perfect combination of storytelling and designing.