Studio Ruba

Maarten van der Ven & Layla Meijman
MACA | Ms. Van Riemsdijkweg 61 | 1033 RC Amsterdam
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Studio Ruba is a new Amsterdam based boutique production company founded by producers Maarten van der Ven and Layla Meijman. With a select group of filmmakers they focus on creating cinematic cutting edge stories, being involved from start to finish. Both producers have a hands on mentality and knowledge on both the productional as the creative side, guiding projects with great care. 

In 2020 Ruba released the short films A HOLIDAY FROM MOURNING by Zara Dwinger and RE-ENTRY by Ben Brand. In 2021 they released two mid-length films, THE GIRL WHO WAS CURSED, international premiere competition Slamdance 2023, by Zara Dwinger and SAVE IT, Best Film La Cabina 2022, by Amira Duynhouwer.

In 2022 the debut feature FEMI by Dwight Fagbamila was nominated for best actor at the Dutch Academy Awards and had its international premier at the Warsaw International Film Festival. Lead actor Yannick Jozefzoon is selected as European Shooting Star at Berlinale based on his performance.

The company‚Äôs second feature film KIDDO by Zara Dwinger will premiere in the Berlinale Generation K-plus competition 2023. 

Before founding Ruba in 2019 Layla and Maarten gained years of experience producing (and line producing) award winning feature films, shorts and documentaries such as TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE (Ena Sendijarevic), WATERBOYS (Robert-Jan Westdijk), A GOAT FOR A VOTE (Jeroen van Velzen) and BOY MEETS GUN (Joost van Hezik).



Director: Zara Dwinger. Writers: Nena van Driel & Zara Dwinger. Country: NL, PL. Service-producer: SHIPsBOY (PL). Status: premiere Berlinale Generation K-plus. Release: 2023. Sort: feature film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: tragicomic roadmovie. Distribution Benelux: Gusto Entertainment. Sales agent: Skoop Media

Eleven-year-old Lu is living in a foster home when her long-lost mother Karina shows up unexpectedly and takes her on a wild road trip in a beat-up sports car - all the way to her grandma in Poland. Lu soon finds out it's all or nothing with Karina when she gets pulled into a Bonnie and Clyde-like fantasy. But reality quickly catches up, forcing them to decide what they're willing to do to stay together forever.

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The Idyll

Writer & Director: Aaron Rookus. Country: NL, BE, EST. Co-producer: Polar Bear (BE), Allfilm (EST). Status: In pre-production. Release: 2024. Sort: Feature film. Duration: 100 min. Genre: Black comedy. Distribution Benelux: Paradiso Films. Sales agent: TBD.

Victor (42) finally comes out of the closet, but realizes he is now too old for the gay dating market. His sister, opera diva Annika (40), imagines how her life could have been after a terminal diagnosis. Meanwhile grandmother (90) is really bad at killing herself, while Timo (10) is ticking off the bucket list Things You Need To Do When You Have Only One Week To Live.

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