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The passion of the filmmaker is the key for Talent United Film & Tv. Every subject is possible, as long as it has the passion of the filmmaker to make it an interesting experience. Talent United Film & Tv likes to make even the impossible dreams of filmmakers possible.

My Best Friend Anne Frank

Director: Ben Sombogaart. Screenwriters: Marian Batavier, Paul Ruven. Co-producer: FATT Productions. Cast: Josephine Arendsen, Aiko Mila Beemsterboer. Country: NL. Status: release February 2021. Duration: 95 min. Genre: Drama. Distribution/Sales: Dutch Film Works / Netflix.

The story of Hannah Goslar. On the day Hannah hears she can leave the Sternlager (exchange camp) in Bergen Belsen, she discovers her best friend Anne Frank is in the next camp, with no food or water. Can Hannah save Anne?

The New Soestdijk Palace 

Director: Frans Bromet. Producers: Paul Ruven, Marian Batavier. In coproduction with EO, Filmfund and CoBO. Country: NL. Status: In production. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Documentary. Distribution/Sales: Cinema Delicatessen. 

The Netherlands is preparing for the most discussed renovation of the coming years: the refurbishment of Soestdijk palace. Frans Bromet has been following the team that has to achieve the sky-high ambitions for a number of years. The obstacles go way beyond the palace and its direct surroundings. The renovation and innovative new construction have also major consequences for the surrounding municipalities of Soest and Baarn. Will it work - while retaining royal history - to create a new beating cultural heart of the Netherlands?


Directors: Meral Uslu, Paul Cohen, Maria Mok & Martijn van Haalen. Country: NL. Status: In post-production. Duration: 75 min. Genre: Documentary.

Everyday people from the IC assist team have the heavy task to call the loved ones of the COVID 19 patients on the IC to tell them how the patients are today: Are they going to be better or are they going to die? These people are the “lifelines” for the loved ones at home, because they are not allowed to visit the patients. A team of four directors, Meral Uslu, Paul Cohen, Maria Mok and Martijn van Haalen, got a special permission to film this team of lifelines in the first months of the COVID 19 outbreak in the Amsterdam UMC hospital.