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The Film Kitchen specializes in producing and co-producing feature films for the international market. It also produces documentaries, short films and series for television, for the (inter)national market. Their projects span a wide variety of genres: from art house to mainstream. The production company cooperates closely with strong and experienced filmmakers, as well as young remarkable talent.


The Favourite

Director & Screenwriter: Karin Junger. Co-producer: Krater Films, Polar Bear (BE). Status: Pre-production. Release: 2024. Sort: Feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Drama. Distribution/Sales: September Film.

DAAN (12) is obsessed with football. Just like his three brothers, he plays at the local club. The club is like Daan’s second home. The coolest and nicest coach at the club is RIES (35). He is committed to the players and on friendly terms with their parents. Daan looks up to Ries and is completely overwhelmed by his attention and friendship. Ries surprises Daan with presents, he drinks tea at home with his parents, takes him to games of a big football team. Steadily but slowly Daan gets involved in a hidden affair with Ries. Often after and during school hours he sees him. His school results get worse and worse. Daan lies and hides.

Afraid of being discovered, Daan’s attempts to keep the relationship a secret result in an increasing alienation from his parents, from the kids at school and from his friends. When the relationship eventually is discovered and is out in the open, Daan is mortified. Suddenly he has another struggle: fight against the harsh reactions from his community and his own shame.


Director: Berend & Roel Boorsma. Screenwriter: Berend & Roel Boorsma, Karen van Holst Pellekaan. Co-producer: Savage Film (BE). Status: Financing. Sort: Feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Drama. Distribution/Sales: September Film. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, AVROTROS, MEDIA Creative Europe.

LIZZ (22) and JAY (24), an idealistic Dutch backpacker couple, enthusiastically begin a trip through Africa. They want to explore the continent and find out what life is all about. In Mauritania they face the harsh reality of poverty, dust, dirt, and a tough way of life. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they meet WILLIAM (22), a young African man. Lizz suspects that William is not just an employee, but that his boss owns him. Convinced that they can help William build a new life, they offer to take him to Senegal. During their trip along the West coast of Africa they are chased by William’s boss. The risk of being caught causes the relationship between Lizz and Jay to slowly deteriorate, but William persists. He is not giving up his regained freedom. To all costs. Then Lizz and Jay find out that their naivety comes with a price.