The Media Brothers

Luc Schinkel, Robert Schinkel, Bas Schinkel
Entrada 231 | 1114 AA Amsterdam
| +31 20 684 8974
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The Media Brothers is a production company founded by the brothers Luc, Robert and Bas Schinkel in 2007. From Amsterdam, The Netherlands we invent, develop and create high-quality and distinctive productions: TV programs, documentaries and drama. Such as In line for Anne Frank (NOS), Gemmeker (Videoland Original) and Complete (Amazon Prime Video).

We bring stories that matter, that touch, amaze and enrich you. For young and old. Produced by experienced makers and new talents. Our productions have been recognized (internationally) with nominations for the Emmy Awards, Japan Prize, Rockie Award, Kidscreen Award New York and have been awarded with a Cinekid Award.


King of the Wanderers

Director: Janne Schmidt. Screenwriter: Eveline Hagenbeek. Country: Netherlands. Co-producer: BarraMedia. Status: Financing. Release: 2025. Sort: Feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Youth Drama. Distribution: Gusto Entertainment.

When Meissy (10) discovers that her father Tom (37) is not on a world tour but is wandering around in her own city, she wants to get to know him and ensure that her parents get back together. Against her mother's will, she has adventures with Tom, but then he turns out to be schizophrenic.

Leeuwin (Lioness)

Director: Raymond Grimbergen. Screenwriter: Jeroen Margry. Country: Netherlands, Suriname. Co-producer: Levitate Film. Status: Completed. Release: april, 2023. Feature-length film. Duration: 85 min. Genre: Youth Drama. Distribution: Splendid Film

When the 14-year old Rosi from Suriname - a girl with more soccer talent than self-confidence - has to move to Holland, nothing comes naturally anymore. She feels like an outcast in this cold and strange country. The annual school soccer tournament looks like a solution.