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Director: Barbara Visser. Country: NL. Co-producer: VPRO. Status: in development. Release: 2022/2023. Sort: Feature documentary. Duration: 70 min. Distribution/ Sales: Cat&Docs.

Alreadymade challenges originality, authorship and identity, just like the infamous artwork Fountain did in 1917. In the film, a chess-playing dandy, a nymphomaniac baroness and an unknown third claim the authorship of this influential piece of 20th century art. Many years, theories and publications by so-called experts later, the three eccentric characters come up with their own explanation. From a cinematic afterlife, they challenge the machinations of the artworld once again.

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Laura H.

Director: Mustafa Duygulu & Kadir Ferati Balci. Screenwriter: Winchester McFly. Country: NL/BE. Co-producer: A private view, Dries Phylo. Status: In development. Release: 2022. Sort: Drama serie. Duration: 6 x 50 min. Genre: Drama. 

Laura H. is a thrilling six part drama series, narrowly exposing the process of a young girl’s radicalization. How did a seemingly average Dutch girl from a small town end up as the Netherlands’ most famous Syrian returnee? Countless other young girls lived through the same experiences she did - yet they were never tempted to leave it all behind for ‘the promised land.’ So why did Laura?