Valk Productions

Richard Valk
Kijkduinstraat 48 | 2014 DE Haarlem
| +31 650934002
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Valk Productions was founded in 1992 by director and producer Richard Valk. Valk Productions produces short artistic animation projects, like It’s Nice in Here (Semaine de la Critique Cannes) by Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, documentaries like Douwe Dijkstra’s Neighbour Abdi (Locarno Film Festival) and VR projects like Adriaan Lokman's Flow VR.



Director: Hisko Hulsing. 
Screenwriter: Hisko Hulsing. 
Country: NL/FR.
Co-producer: Autour de Minuit (FR). 
Status: in development, financing. 
Sort: short animation. 
Duration: 4 min.

Resurrection is an animated Danse Macabre that degenerates into an apocalyptic nightmare about war and destruction, set to music by Dimitri Shostakovich.

The Grand Book

Director: Arjan Brentjes. Screenwriter: Arjan Brentjes. Country: NL. Status: completed. Release: 2023. Sort: short animation. Duration: 20 min.

A young woman lives on the streets in a city that is reminiscent of the 1920s in terms of style and technological advancement. This oppressive city has an omnipresent system of cameras and projection screens. Everything that stands out on the street is captured by the cameras and shown publicly, including when the protagonist sleepwalks during her nightmares. This adds to her overall unease until she finds a new perspective on her dreams. Maybe dreaming could be a way for her to find some privacy and let her creativity run wild - a place to be herself.