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Based in Amsterdam, Witfilm is an award-winning production company, specializing in creative, social and youth documentary films. Headed by director Boudewijn Koole and producer Iris Lammertsma, its strength lies in content development and combining personal stories with socially relevant and current topics. Witfilm productions are intense, innovative and intimate. They challenge the way we view the world by showing us multiple perspectives.

Witfilm creates documentaries through inspiring and fruitful co-productions with national and international broadcasters, producers and funds. Recently, the company also started producing art-house fiction films. Meeting the same goals of intensity, innovation and intimacy, with these films Witfilm reaches out to an even wider global audience.

Shadow Game

Directors: Eefje Blankevoort & Els van Driel. Country: NL. Co-producer: KRO-NCRV. Collaborator: Prospektor. Status: Completed. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 90 and 55 min. Distribution NL: Cinema Delicatessen. World sales: Java Films. Awards: Gouden Kalf 2021, Prix Europa 2021, Geneva Grand Prix & Youth Jury Price (FIFDH).

Shadow Game is a coming-of-age story, a daring journey through the dark side of Europe with teenagers as our guides. In this interwoven narrative, the experiences of young refugees are forged into a universal story. Can they overcome all obstacles to find a new home?

For three years, directors Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel (The Deal) followed several young people as they travelled through Europe: from Greece to Serbia, and from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Italy and the Netherlands. The teens struggle across snowy landscapes and even minefields, encountering aggressive border police along the way. Reaching the final destination is more difficult than ever. Some of the material was filmed by the teenagers themselves on their phones.

Shadow Game is part of a transmedia project consisting of the feature-length documentary, a series of short follow-up documentaries (25’), an adventure game, exhibitions and an impact campaign.

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Look What You Made Me Do

Director: Coco Schrijber. Country: NL. Status: In production. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 90 and 55 min. Distribution: Periscoop Film. Sales: Cat & Docs.

Look what you made me do by award-winning filmmaker Coco Schrijber is a film about anger. Anger that suddenly splashes out and turns a woman into a killer. Look what you made me do is about (invisible) violence and about women, who are this time not the victims, but the offenders. A film as a punch in the face that questions the logic of violence.