Boudewijn Koole & Iris Lammertsma
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 63 | 1012DB Amsterdam
| +31 20 6885049
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Witfilm is an award-winning production company based in Amsterdam. The company focuses on creative, social and youth documentary films, as well as arthouse fiction films. Headed by director and creative producer Boudewijn Koole and producer Iris Lammertsma, its strength lies in content development and combining personal stories with socially relevant and current topics. Witfilm productions are intense, innovative and intimate. They challenge the way we view the world by showing us multiple perspectives.

Witfilm creates films through inspiring and fruitful co-productions with national and international broadcasters, producers and funds. By making high quality and visually powerful films of artistic nature Witfilm aims at contributing to a thriving film sector globally.

Hokwerda’s Child / Hokwerda’s kind

Director: Boudewijn Koole. Screenwriter: Boudewijn Koole. Country: NL / BE. Co-producer: Serendipity Film (BE). Status: In production. Sort: Feature. Duration: 90 minutes. Genre: Drama / Suspense. Distribution/Sales: Gusto Entertainment.

Lin is a successful long-distance swimmer who meets Henri, an underwater welder who, like her, thrives on danger. Lin is irresistibly drawn to him and dives head first into an intense love affair. Henri challenges her to high heights, but he also pulls her deeper and deeper into the darkness, where the two lovers end up fighting until one of them can't breathe. Hokwerda’s Child is an adaptation of Oek de Jong’s novel.


Director: Esther Rots. Screenwriter: Esther Rots. Country: NL. Co-producer: Rots Filmwerk. Status: In development. Sort: Feature. Duration: 90 minutes. Genre: Drama / suspense.

Two women looking for themselves, find each other. Their unexpected connection spirals into a passionate lawless union, to reveal itself only to be based on dependence, blackmail and submission. From a mildly satirical and sarcastic perspective, Legoland creates an insight into an honest human struggle between two women; their search for functionality, friendship and freedom in the shadow of urbanisation.