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Sam Godfried
Remmerdenplein 100 | 1106 AK Amsterdam
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Our mission is to enrich the documentary landscape with documentaries that inspire to understand the world more fully. Within our culturally diverse world, stories are needed from underrepresented perspectives. Yalla docs produces creative stories from these perspectives, in collaboration with the people who live them. Before founding Yalla docs in 2020, Sam Godfried worked as a freelance documentary producer on several documentaries, docuseries and impact-campaigns. Before that, he had been freelancing in graphic design, photography and different fields of filmmaking.


Feis Forever

Director: Olivier S. Garcia. Screenwriter: Olivier S. Garcia. Country: NL. Co-producer: NTR & FunX. Status: In production. Release: early 2024. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 50’. Genre: Music & human interest.

Feis Forever is the story of a rapper from Rotterdam who was killed on New Year’s Eve 2018. Through his interviews and lyrics, paired with intimate conversations and scenes from his community, the film reflects on the connective powers of hiphop and the complexity of growing up in stigmatised neighbourhoods.

Guri I Topit

Director: Lavinia Xausa. Screenwriter: Lavinia Xausa. Country: NL/ALBANIA. Status: In development. Release: tba. Sort: Documentary. Duration: 30’. Genre: Colonial history, folklore & human interest. 

When Italian documentary-maker Lavinia finds war photographs of her grandfather, she revisits the Albanian mountain-village where he was stationed under Mussolini to help colonize the country. Having never been told of this story by her grandfather, Lavinia reconstructs her inherited history through the perspective of the people of the mountain.