Producers and projects from the Netherlands @ Annecy & Mifa 2024

dinsdag, 11 juni 2024

Producers and projects from the Netherlands

NAPA proudly (re)presents Dutch producers and their new films and projects. Many of our producers have extensive experience with international co-productions and are always interested in broadening their horizons. We cordially invite you to meet and contact our associated producers. Here you will find an introduction to our associated producers and their projects both in development and in the process of financing.

From the Netherlands at Annecy & Mifa 2024

We would like to highlight the projects by our producers that are screening the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2024, in various sections of the programme.


Beautiful Men by Nicolas Keppens - Short Films in Competition

Coproduced by: Ka-Ching Cartoons.

Three balding brothers travel to Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Stuck with each other in a hotel far from home, their insecurities grow faster than their hair.


Flow VR by Adriaan Lokman - VR Works in Competition

Produced by: Valk Productions

Floating like leafs we witness a turbulent day in a life through the most vital element surrounding us. Brushstrokes of air in all its subtle, gentle, powerful and inner manifestations paint our fragile existence in the most unpredictable stormy ways.


The Imaginary Friend by Steye Hallema - VR Works in Competition

Produced by: Studio Biarritz.
Coproduced by: Submarine.

A grieving child struggles to separate reality from fantasy. He creates YOU – his (imaginary) friend – to fight the monsters in his mind. Although you have fun together, he starts to grow disconnected from his surroundings… Are you helping, or just making things worse?


­Panda Bear in Africa by Richard Claus & Karsten Kiilerich - Annecy Presents

Produced by: CoolBeans

When the young and not so adventurous panda bear Pang discovers that his best friend Jielong the dragon is kidnapped, he follows her all the way to Africa. On this journey he finds a world completely unknown to him as he faces frightening kudus, dancing ostriches and the evil lion Malume. With newfound friends Jojo, an unreliable monkey, and Niala, a lonesome hyena, he needs to figure out how to defeat Malume, free Jielong and save Niala’s family. A modern fable about diversity and tolerance.

­Fox and Hare Save the Forest by Mascha Halberstad - Annecy Presents

Produced by: Submarine.

One day, Fox and Hare discover that Owl has disappeared. Together with their friends, they search the forest to find him, but instead they discover a big lake that was not there before. Could the sudden appearance of the lake have anything to do with Owl’s disappearance? They must go and find Owl, who is somewhere out there on the rapidly rising water...This is the start of an exciting and fun adventure!


Tummy Tum and the Lost Teddy Bear by Erik Verkerk & Joost van den Bosch - Mifa Market Screening

Produced by: Phanta Animation.

On a warm summer day, orange tomcat Tummy Tom discovers that his favourite cuddly toy Bear has gone missing. Together with his friend Cat Mouse he starts to look everywhere, but Bear is nowhere to be found. To find him, they must leave their garden and discover a new world. On their journey they meet new animals such as Rabbit, Sheep and Squirrel, making new friends. However, with the help of the young audience in the cinema, they manage to find Bear.

A complete overview of all Dutch contributions to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the Mifa, including screening times, can be found on the SEE NL website.