Producers and projects from the Netherlands @ Berlinale 2024

donderdag, 15 februari 2024

Producers and projects from the Netherlands

NAPA proudly presents our producers and their new films and projects. Many of our producers have extensive experience with international co-productions and are always interested in broadening their horizons. We cordially invite you to meet and contact our producers. Here you will find an introduction to our associated producers and their projects both in development and in the process of financing.

From the Netherlands at Berlinale 2024

We would like to highlight the projects by our producers that are screening during the Berlinale 2024, either in the Generation Kplus competition or the FORUM programme.

Fox and Hare Save the Forest by Mascha Halberstad - Generation Kplus

Produced by: Submarine, Sales: Urban Distribution International

One day, Fox and Hare discover that Owl has disappeared. Together with their friends, they search the forest to find him, but instead they discover a big lake that was not there before. Could the sudden appearance of the lake have anything to do with Owl’s disappearance? They must go and find Owl, who is somewhere out there on the rapidly rising water...This is the start of an exciting and fun adventure!

Above the Dust by Wang Xiaoshuai - Generation Kplus

Dutch Minority Production: Lemming Film. Sales Agent: The Match Factory

In an arid Chinese village, 10-year-old Wotu dreams of reuniting with his late grandfather, all the while observing his home town's transformation.­

Young Hearts by Anthony Schatteman - Generation Kplus

Dutch Minority Production: Family Affair Films. Sales Agent: Films Boutique

Fourteen-year-old Elias increasingly feels like an outsider in his village. When he meets Alexander, his new neighbour of the same age, Elias is confronted with his burgeoning sexuality.

­The Nights Still Smell of Gunpowder by Inadelso Cossa - FORUM

Dutch Minority Production: BALDR Film

Concerned by the fragmented memories of his childhood during the civil war in Mozambique, filmmaker Inadelso Cossa returns to his grandmother’s village to reveal the untold stories which still haunt his generation.

A complete overview of all Dutch contributions to the Berlinale and the EFM, including screening times, can be found on the SEE NL website.